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The idea behind this blog is a simple one: we are passionate about golf and want to share news and reviews, and happenings and developments in the world of golf with those that love the sport as much as we do! We focus on club news, recommendations of courses and gear, developments in golf on a global scale, luxury golf courses, pro and amateur events, and how to design, create and maintain your own dream golf lifestyle. We do all the research, collate it, and bring it to you on one page, so you don’t have to!



Golf Club News and Events


There are thousands of golf clubs around the world, but not all of them have websites that are properly maintained and regularly updated with all the golf club news you may be interested in finding out.


We have made it our mission to keep our readers up to date with all the latest happenings and events on both a professional and amateur scale, and we aim to announce important golf club news before it hits the press. You’ll never be out of the loop with us as your source of information.


Golf Review and Recommendations


Whether its reviews of golf apparel, accessories, gadgets, or gear that you’re after, or whether you regularly search high and low for a reputable golf review of some of the best courses in the world – we have you covered.


Each golf review we provide is detailed, expertly researched, and offers an unbiased opinion on the most important factors of your golf lifestyle.


In every golf review of courses provided, we discuss a variety of important factors pertaining to ranking, such as layout and design, staff friendliness and efficiency, and off-course amenities.


World Golf Happenings and Developments


Not only do we discuss world golf happenings such as the Major Championships – Masters Tournament, U.S. Open, The Open Championship, and PGA Championship – but we also discuss world golf rankings, legends of world golf, and recent global golf developments.


We offer insights into the game itself and profile rising stars of professional golfing. If sports’ betting is a favourite pastime, we also offer tips on getting started and strategies to improve your golf betting.


Top Luxury World Golf Courses


Visiting top luxury golf courses is, without a doubt, the dream of every passionate golfer! While we may not be able to help you make this dream a reality, we can offer insights and reviews of the best luxury golf courses around the world.


Get golf club news from far afield and learn everything there is to know about the top-ranking courses. If you’re planning on visiting a few luxury golf courses, the hardest part may be deciding which to visit first!


Designing Your Golf Lifestyle


If there is one thing we are particularly passionate about its creating and designing the perfect golf lifestyle.


From tips and advice on perfecting your own golf game, to discussions of professional golf tournaments, championships, and events, to reviews and recommendations on courses and gear, we aim to cover every aspect of the perfect golf lifestyle.


From choosing your outfit, to your clubs and balls, to finding the best rated golf courses in the world, we always go the extra mile.